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La simplicidad es el núcleo de nuestro creador de sitios web en línea.

Cree sitios web funcionales y páginas de destino sin conocimientos de programación directamente desde su navegador.

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Hacemos que sea fácil para las empresas en todos los canales, multifuncionales (ventas, marketing y comunicación) interactuar con su audiencia respectiva utilizando todas las formas de comunicación basada en video para aumentar las conversiones de embudo, los ingresos y la participación del cliente.



A juvenile justice life skills curriculum that earners like!

96% of learners

would recommend it to others.

(Similar across gender and race/ethnicity.)

Life Skills Reimagined has been proven to increase Knowledge, Application, Confidence to Live Independently and Self-Efficacy in foster youth ages 16-24.



An adult corrections life skills curriculum that makes learning easy. Just because Life Skills Reimagined is animated doesn't mean it's just for kids. Life Skills Reimagined is designed for adults as well.

Why animation? It's fun, it seems less like "learning", it helps make "intimidating" topics more approachable, it applies to a wide cognitive range and reading levels by engaging multiple senses.

Woman completing probation life skills curriculum.



Individual subscriptions allow for court ordered curriculum completion as part of probation or diversion agreements.

Learners purchase individual subscriptions through the Home Edition then can provide a learning record or certificate to show progress and completion.

Inmate completing corrections life skills curriculum.



Direct Internet Access

Purchase groups of seat licenses and access the secure system through the web. Learners have no communication capabilities or external links.

Technology Providers

We work closely with technology partners to bring Life Skills Reimagined to your site through their secure systems and hardware.

Man completes re-entry life skills curriculum.



Learners purchase individual subscriptions through the Home Edition or re-entry programs purchase groups of seat licenses for additional user management and reporting functionality.

It’s simple-to-use, secure platform provides: 

Multi-Sensory Content

Reach learners with a wide cognitive range through friendly, engaging animated videos, voiceover, and text on screen.

lifeskills characters (5).png
Women discuss life skills curriculum.


Support your Spanish speakers and learners with vision or hearing impairments with built-in accessibility features.

Learning Records

Easily track and measure your student's progress with detailed learning records for every learner. 



Leverage our blended-learning content as self-study, in a classroom setting, or as a hybrid corrections life skills curriculum solution.

Hispanic man completes probation life skills curriculum.


Our goal is for every learner to see themselves somewhere in their Life Skills Reimagined journey.

report screenshot 2.JPG

Life Skills Reimagined is accessed and tracked through an online learning management system. We can work directly with your organization to determine the best implementation approach, and we are working to partner with leading technology providers.


Revolucione su educación en habilidades para la vida

"I really enjoyed the content. Everything was very informative and upbeat to make sure you didn't lose interest."

"I enjoyed your videos I wish there were just more courses though I'm pretty sad I'm done :("

"The additional feedback I have is, it's a good program that educates and brings certain situations to light that I may have never thought about."

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