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Annual Subscriptions

Small Group

5-49 seats

Medium Group

50-499 seats


Branded login page with your organization's logo

Add/deactivate learners

Run and schedule reports

Each learner has a unique login

Track activity, completions and scores

Objective and Subjective Assessments

Reporting by user or organizations

Mobile app allows for offline use

Built in gamification facilitates reward system

Administrator Training (1-hour webinar)

Facilitator Training (2-hour webinar)




Additional Customization Options :

Custom grouping for enhanced learner

management and reporting.

Initial bulk upload of learners.

Live training.




Large Group

500+ seats

Additional Customization Options:

Custom grouping and reporting.

Monthly user administration via FTP

Monthly direct learner support

Live training and/or recording of training webinars for future use.

Integration with technology providers.


Individual Seats

For the home learner, Life Skills Reimagined has everything you need to get started built in.

Start your annual subscription today!




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